Why Low Carb?

Why Low Carb Works

Evidence shows that insulin resistance is a primary cause of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, some cancers and other chronic conditions. People who are insulin resistant are intolerant of carbohydrates. In simple terms, this means too many carbohydrates make people sick. And it’s not just sugar and processed food but all grains, starchy vegetables and most fruit.

Because a large proportion of the world’s population is susceptible to insulin resistance, including many children, this is an important problem. It follows logically that restricting carbohydrates should be the main tool in the fight against obesity and chronic disease. That’s why Low Carb is the future of health.

The actual results from following a Low Carb lifestyle bear this out. Around the world millions have successfully changed the way they eat and are getting great results. They are losing weight and improving their health. This number is growing every day. Whether your goal is weight loss, reversing diabetes (Type 2), better athletic performance or just feeling your best, Low Carb is the way forward.

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