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    keto cinnamon and ginger granola
    keto cinnamon and ginger granola

    Cinnamon & Ginger Keto Granola Sachets (240g)

    Made with healthy seeds, cinnamon and ginger, this natural granola is the perfect way to start your day. Consists of 8 x 30g sachets.
    Tasty Tips
    Enjoy with yoghurt or milk or eat as a snack on the go. Add low carb sweetener of choice. [sf_modal header="Cinnamon & Ginger Keto Granola Sachets" link_type="text" link_text="View Nutritional Info" btn_colour="accent" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Button text"] Nutritional Information (Per 30g Serving) [one_half] [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]Energy (kj)[/tcol] [tcol]193.2[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Protein (g)[/tcol] [tcol]3.9[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Carbohydrate (g)[/tcol] [tcol]2.1[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Of Which Total Sugar[/tcol] [tcol]1.2[/tcol] [/trow] [/table] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]Total Fat (g)[/tcol] [tcol]18.6[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Of Which Saturated Fat[/tcol] [tcol]6.9[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Of Which Trans Fat[/tcol] [tcol]0[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Of Which Monounsaturated Fat[/tcol] [tcol]8.2[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Of Which Polyunsaturated Fat[/tcol] [tcol]2.7[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Cholesterol (mg)[/tcol] [tcol]0[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Dietary Fibre (g)[/tcol] [tcol]3.6[/tcol] [/trow] [trow] [tcol]Total Sodium (mg)[/tcol] [tcol]4.5[/tcol] [/trow] [/table] [/one_half_last] Ingredients [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Flakes, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flaxseeds, Sesame Seeds, Almonds Nuts, Ginger, Spices, Coconut Oil.[/tcol] [/trow] [/table] Allergens [table type="standard_minimal"] [trow] [tcol]Tree Nuts. This product has been made in a factory that uses peanuts, tree nuts, wheat & gluten.[/tcol] [/trow] [/table] [/sf_modal]
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