Keto Diet In Singapore: 25 Useful Tips & Resources – From Restaurants To Recipes – To Help You Live A Low-Carb Lifestyle

Keto Diet In Singapore: 25 Useful Tips & Resources – From Restaurants To Recipes – To Help You Live A Low-Carb Lifestyle
September 10, 2019 bb_admin

Following a keto diet in Singapore may seem difficult at first. White rice, noodles and bread are food staples. Frequenting our favourite hawker stalls at least a few times a week – whether for a bowl of char kway teow, laksa or chicken rice or a slice of carrot cake – is what we do.

But as growing numbers of people recognise the health benefits of a low-carb lifestyle, more keto-friendly food products are becoming available. Likewise, low-carb dishes are popping up on menus.

Here we offer a list of resources to help you embrace a keto diet in Singapore.

keto resources

Keto products in Singapore


We are the first brand in Singapore dedicated to low-carb and keto products and snacks. Others have followed suit. Here at BenBanter, you’ll find keto snacks, seed crackers, desserts, keto bars – even hot chocolate.

Visit one of our select stockists, Seriously Keto or Mahota Commune, or go online to browse our range of delicious keto snacks.

Seriously Keto

Seriously Keto is Singapore’s first wholly ketogenic bakery. Every recipe is formulated in accordance with ketogenic dietary guidelines – zero sugar, low carb, high fat and moderate protein.

There’s the light and fluffy signature KetoBun (2.9g of carbs), made from almond flour and egg whites, a variety of cupcakes (from 2.5g of carbs) and keto spreads, including the popular Kaya Kryptonite with only 3.4g of carbs per 80ml jar. It’s currently an online store but self-collection is available in Orchard Central.

Seriously Keto recently opened their new keto café in Seah Street.

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

This healthy bakery sells keto-friendly cakes, cookies and bakes. Don’t miss the magnificent opera cake, a chocolatey treat that contains about one tenth of the carbs found in regular chocolate cake.

Also, try its keto-friendly double chocolate chip muffin, soft loaf and bread roll. Visit the Whampoa West store or order online.

Shirataki noodles

For Singaporeans who can’t give up their noodles, shirataki noodles are a keto-friendly option.

These Japanese noodles are made from the root of the konjac, a yam-like plant. They contain very few calories and almost no carbs. Find them at local supermarkets, such as Singapore Meidi-ya Supermarket at Liang Court.

Singapore low-carb and keto restaurants

It’s not as hard as you think to eat out while still following a keto diet in Singapore. Try these venues.

The Daily Cut

Use its online macro calculator to Build Your Own Bowl (BYOB) of fresh, keto-friendly food at one of three branches of the Daily Cut (or order online).

The Living Café

This café in Bukit Timah Road offers raw and raw-fusion plant-based food (with a small amount of white meat and fish), including many keto-friendly options, such as Pad Thai with zucchini noodles and herbed salmon or spiced chicken burgers with a lettuce bun.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

Eat good, feel good, be a food rebel! That’s the mantra of this Telok Ayer restaurant, which is dedicated to helping people improve their health through nutrition without compromising on taste. Don’t miss its Zoodle Bolognese.


This Italian restaurant in the CBD is a real find. Be spoiled for choice with the many keto-friendly dishes and ingredients, such as the certified-keto Brazilian pork sausage.


This pick-and-mix healthy, modern Korean version of the bibimbap allows you to choose a main, five sides, and a base, including cabbage or toasted cauliflower.

Duxton 41

This café serves “guilt-free desserts” and the first ‘sugar-free afternoon tea in Singapore’. Not all the treats are fully keto but most are low-carb and sugar free.

The Butcher’s Kitchen

If you crave a burger with a bun, head to The Butcher’s Kitchen at Suntec City. It has teamed up with Seriously Keto to serve the first Keto Burger in Singapore.

Eating keto at hawker stalls or kopitiam

The secret is to select the ingredients yourself.

It’s not just rice, noodles, pasta, bread, pizza and sweetened drinks you want to avoid. There are hidden carbs in sauces, seasonings, marinades and broths, and in ingredients like meatballs, which have hidden fillers.

Place your keto order here

  • Ask for no noodles, rice or bread
  • Replace with bean sprouts
  • Ask for extra green vegetables
  • Ask for fatty meat
  • Choose roasted or barbecued (no marinade) rather than fried meats
  • Say no to sauce (and ask about ingredients in soups and broths)

Select your keto dish

These dishes can be keto-friendly with wise selections.

  • Siew Yoke
  • Roast duck or pork
  • Yong Tau Foo
  • Satay (no sauce or marinade)
  • Bak Kut Teh
  • Mala Xiang Guo
  • Fish soup (grilled not fried)
  • Chicken or pork chops with salad

Singapore’s best low-carb online resources

Being part of an online community makes following a keto or low-carb way of eating less lonely! It’s also a great way to get inspiration, recipes, information and advice.

Best low-carb blog in Singapore

One of the best low-carb blogs in Singapore is Still Feeling Peckish: Living Low Carb in An Asian World. We recommend the blog for great keto recipes, tailored to Singaporean tastes and using locally available ingredients.

Singapore’s best keto Facebook groups

Two of the best keto Facebook groups to follow are:

  • Keto East West – a support group for people following a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) ketogenic diet, with recipes, help with motivation, weight loss successes and more.
  • Singapore Keto Lifestyle For The Busy – a great platform for sharing keto-friendly recipes, options for dining out and grocery finds.

Singapore’s best low-carb Instagrammer

On Instagram, check out Lowcarb_keto_fooddiary, for regular keto inspiration. The posts here showcase the huge variety of delicious foods that it’s possible to eat on a low-carb diet – and this instagrammer’s results are inspiring, too.

Recipes for a keto diet in Singapore

Here are some recipe resources to help you follow a keto diet at home.

Keto East

This book, by Kelly Tan Peterson and Dan Peterson, provides favourite Asian recipes without the rice, starches and sugar.

The Asian Keto & Low-Carb Cookbook: A Healthy Guide to Authentic Asia Cuisine

Sisters Tippy Wyatt and Som Allison tailored their favourite family recipes to comply with the keto lifestyle.

I Breathe I’m Hungry

On this blog by Mellissa Sevigny, you’ll find a roundup of favourite low-carb Asian recipes.

Keto meal delivery services

Ordering a meal delivery service (bundles make them better value) to your office or home can make eating a keto diet in Singapore really easy.


The dishes, which contain only olive oil and have no added sugar, fried foods, preservatives or MSG, include: keto Caesar salad and home style Bon-bon patties.


Heat-and-eat keto dishes include: cumin, chili and lime fish; kimchi chicken thigh with sweet potato vermicelli and Sarawak cracked black peppercorns; and, succulent seabass in avocado hummus.


The multi-concept store offers a delivery menu where you can customise a keto-friendly M Box with a base, two supplements, a protein and a green.

Three tips for keto diet success in Singapore

Remember to eat enough fat

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Remember that good fats – olive oil, nuts and nut butter, avocadoes, coconut, chia seeds and flaxseed – should constitute up to 70% of what you eat.

Plan your meals and have snacks available

Plan your meals each day and have keto-friendly snacks on hand – like BenBanter’s outstanding low-carb granola, keto cheese puffs, keto bars and keto seed crackers. Don’t let yourself get starving hungry without some healthy, low-carb alternatives that are easy to grab.

Remember, it gets easier

Sticking to a keto diet in Singapore may involve a little effort initially. Once you’ve established new habits and are more familiar with the resources (and food options) that are available, it all gets much easier – and your body will thank you.

Here’s to health and the low-carb way of life!