Keeping Up with the Science: 2020 Keto Studies and Research

Keeping Up with the Science: 2020 Keto Studies and Research
December 9, 2020 bb_admin
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Eating plans come with their share of controversy and keto is no exception.

This is why we believe strongly that any claims that a specific diet can assist weight loss or improve health should be backed by science.

We have written before about the science that supports the keto diet and how success stories are frequent and widespread. Since then, the scientific evidence and support for keto has only grown.

How keto differs from other diets

To call keto a diet is a bit misleading. Keto is no fad diet.

It’s a lifestyle and way of eating that’s beneficial in many ways. Some people use it for sustainable weight loss or to improve their energy levels. Others find it helps with chronic health issues.

Following a keto diet has shown improvements in the following ways:

  • effective weight loss
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • more energy and better concentration
  • stabilised blood sugar
  • improved heart health.

Recent scientific studies and research on keto

In 2020, multiple studies were conducted on the efficacy of a keto diet as a weight-loss aid and general health improver.

Type 2 diabetes

One 2020 study found that low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets like keto can improve glycaemic control for type 2 diabetes. In the study, the group on the LCHF diet showed greater glycaemic control and weight reduction than those who didn’t follow the diet.

In the group that followed the LCHF diet, 100% of participants who needed insulin therapy before the trial were able to stop completely or reduce their dosage significantly. In the other group, this percentage was only 23%.

Food addictions and binge eating

Although further research is needed, one study proved the feasibility of using a ketogenic diet to help with binge eating and food addiction for obese patients. Participants reported significant reductions in binge eating and food-addiction symptoms.

The patients lost 10 to 24% of their body weight during the six-month trial. None of the patients reported any major adverse effects from the new diet.

Weight loss

Another 2020 study looked at a low-calorie keto diet as a tool for battling obesity without damage to the liver or kidneys. The average weight loss was nearly 20% of initial body weight over three months and a significant reduction in fat mass.

The study found that, despite concerns that a high-protein diet might be bad for the liver and kidneys, there was no clinically significant variation in the function of these organs. An improvement in metabolic parameters was also reported.

Recent keto success stories

Success stories are the best inspiration for your keto weight-loss journey. Get motivated for rapid and sustainable weight loss and improved health with these keto success stories.

In this video, Janelle tracks her weight-loss journey after giving birth and struggling with postpartum depression. She lost 80 pounds (36 kilograms) on keto and felt better mentally and physically.

Britney also lost more than 80 pounds (36 kilograms) twice after her two pregnancies by following a ketogenic diet. She also gained strength, mental clarity and loads of energy to keep up with her kids.

Starting a keto diet: tips for success

Now you understand the 2020 keto studies and research, you can start your keto lifestyle. Keto can be a big change in eating habits. Use these tips to help you succeed:

  • plan meals a week ahead
  • give yourself time to adjust
  • read up on keto flu and be prepared for mild side-effects
  • keep a list of keto-safe foods on your phone for easy reference
  • eliminate non-keto foods from the house to reduce temptation
  • join an online community for support
  • buy a keto cookbook for inspiration
  • follow the BenBanter blog for tips, info and success stories.

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