8 Ways to Enjoy BenBanter’s Keto Chocolate Mousse

8 Ways to Enjoy BenBanter’s Keto Chocolate Mousse
January 11, 2021 bb_admin

Going keto comes with numerous health benefits. It boosts your energy and aids weight loss.

Even on a low-carb diet like keto, there are many tasty treats you can enjoy – guilt-free.

benbanter keto chocolate mousse

BenBanter’s delicious Keto Chocolate Mousse is 100% keto-friendly and contains no added sugar. It’s also quick and easy to prepare, making it the perfect zero-carb dessert.

These are our favourite zero or low-carb ways to prepare our Keto Chocolate Mousse.

1. Classic keto chocolate mousse

To prepare a classic chocolate mousse, mix one cup (250 ml) of cream with four tablespoons of Keto Chocolate Mousse mix and one teaspoon of vanilla essence (optional). Whip the mix until it’s light and fluffy. Enjoy with your favourite keto-friendly topping.

2. Keto chocolate ice-cream

To make a delectable keto chocolate ice-cream, simply freeze the whipped mousse for approximately six hours until it’s completely frozen. Serve plain or with your favourite keto toppings, such as blueberries, nuts or coconut shavings.

3. Keto chocolate brownies

You can substitute the cocoa and sweetener in your favourite keto brownie recipe with our chocolate mousse mix to make rich and chocolaty keto-friendly brownies. Serve them hot from the oven with the keto chocolate ice-cream above.

4. Keto chocolate truffles

Our prepared chocolate mousse can be mixed with almond flour and butter to form a mixture that can be rolled into balls and chilled. Dust the chilled balls with cocoa or coat with chopped nuts to create low-carb truffles.

5. Keto Nutella substitute

Use the whipped chocolate mousse as a healthy alternative to Nutella. Spread it on keto crackers or use it as a topping for your low-carb flapjacks or pancakes. Spread the mousse on low-carb crêpes and serve with keto chocolate ice-cream for dessert.

6. Keto chocolate and fruit smoothie

Mix a few tablespoons of the prepared chocolate mousse with keto-friendly fruits, some peanut butter and a cup of ice in the blender to make a delicious and healthy smoothie that will give you an instant energy boost.

7. Keto cake filling

Use the prepared and whipped chocolate mousse as a filling and icing substitute on your favourite keto chocolate cake or cupcakes. It’s even lighter and fluffier than a traditional buttercream icing.

8. Keto chocolate milkshake

You can use a mixture of frozen keto chocolate mousse, coconut or almond milk, heavy cream and/or ice to create a thick, decadent milkshake that’s super low-carb but immensely satisfying. Add a touch of vanilla extract or essence to give it an extra flavour boost.

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