5 Ways to Make Keto Dieting Easier

5 Ways to Make Keto Dieting Easier
October 15, 2019 bb_admin

It takes time, practice and patience with yourself to adopt a new, healthier way of eating. However, some straightforward tips and guidelines can make keto dieting easier – especially at first, when the change is fairly new.

1. Get familiar with the foods you can (and can’t) eat

An important first step is to get comfortable with the list of foods you can and can’t eat on a keto diet.

Try any one of these lists as a starting point:

It’s useful to print a simple list and keep it on your fridge. Keep another on your phone for easy reference when you’re out and about.

Also, relearn your local grocery store. Spend a little time scanning the aisles. Consider visiting some new stores, too. Figure out which products will suit your new way of eating and where you can find them.

2. Clear your home of ALL the junk!

At the outset, it’s helpful to purge your home of all unhealthy, high-carb foods. Put aside a weekend morning and do a radical clear-out of your kitchen cupboards.

Get rid of all processed, high-carb foods and junk foods. If it’s not allowed on the keto diet, it shouldn’t have a home in your kitchen!

On the same day, head to the stores and stock up on plenty of low-carb foods that you like.

Consider stocking up on our convenient, keto-friendly snacks too. You can order these online or get them at any of our local stockists in Singapore.

Once your kitchen is stocked with a wide range of keto-friendly foods (and nothing else), it’s easy to stay on track when you’re at home.

3. Experiment with new keto-friendly recipes

  • The food you eat on a low-carb/keto diet shouldn’t be dull or unappetising. Quite the opposite!

Getting excited about new foods and recipes sets you up for long-term success.

Experimenting is part of the process. It can help you shape a new set of (healthier) food preferences and habits.

The popularity of the low-carb/keto way of eating means that thousands of recipes are available online. Starting points for some great keto and low-carb recipes:

4. Prepare before heading out the door

If you’ve purged your kitchen of all non-keto-friendly foods and stocked it with healthy low-carb options, it means you’re pretty “safe” at home.

It’s once you head out the door that you’ll need to be strong.

When you’re out and about, it can be challenging to avoid fast, unhealthy food options from hawker centres, convenience stores and cafés.

The key to making keto dieting easier is to be prepared, mentally and physically. In other words, make your choices ahead of time, and do what has to be done so you can stick to them.

Some practical ways to make keto dieting easier

If you’re heading to the grocery store, make sure you have a detailed shopping list. Also, eat beforehand and pack some keto-friendly snacks for yourself.

Make work lunches at home and pack plenty of snack options for during the work day.

If you’ll be going out with friends, take your own keto snacks or prepared meals. Or, if you’re invited to a restaurant, go online and check for keto-friendly options ahead of time.

When it’s up to you, plan to visit restaurants that offer keto-friendly choices. You can even plan where to get keto-friendly baked goods, with a number of Singapore bakeries – like Seriously Keto – offering keto treats.

This may seem like a lot of work initially. But it gets easier and easier. With repetition, these tasks simply become habits.

5. Never go hungry

On any eating plan, hunger is the enemy of success. That’s why having easy options on hand is a lifesaver.

When you cook healthy, low-carb meals, make extra and pack leftovers in the fridge – or freeze for another day.

Also pack tempting, filling snacks for taking out and about. Seafood and meat, cheese, double-cream yoghurt, nuts, avocado and more all make good options.

BenBanter’s range of keto snacks and treats can also make keto dieting easier. From low-carb seed crackers to keto bars, granola, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse and even cheese puffs, all our foods are made only from natural, healthy ingredients – and they’re certified as truly low-carb.

Here’s to a healthy, low-carb way of life!