25 Singapore-Friendly Keto Snacks That Take Minutes to Make

25 Singapore-Friendly Keto Snacks That Take Minutes to Make
May 19, 2020 bb_admin
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Snacks can derail a keto diet because they’re often loaded with carbs.

These Singapore-friendly keto snacks take minutes to prepare or can be made in advance so you always have something to “grab and go”.

1. Singapore half-boiled eggs

Half-boiled eggs may be our traditional breakfast dish, but the soft eggs make an ideal keto snack. They take a few minutes to cook, but if you’re unsure how to make them, look here. Add salt and white pepper instead of soy sauce. Omit the kaya toast and enjoy with our BenBanter Keto Seed Crackers, which come in a variety of flavours.

2. Boiled/century eggs

Prepare a large batch of hard-boiled eggs at the start of each week so you always have one ready to go. To hard boil, place the eggs in a pan of cold water and cook for seven minutes once the water reaches a rolling boil. Alternatively, stock up on century eggs.

3. Salted duck eggs

We love salted duck eggs so much in Singapore that chefs now use them in everything from French toast to ice cream and you can even buy powdered salted egg yolk powder. A boiled salted duck egg (not in French toast or ice cream) is the perfect keto snack. If you simply must pair one with congee, try this keto chicken congee recipe.

4. One-minute mug muffins

These one-minute muffins couldn’t be easier and are a perfect keto snack at any time of day. In a small mug, whisk one egg, 2 teaspoons of coconut or almond flour, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and salt/pepper. Mix in a teaspoon of your favourite keto ingredient, such as bacon bits, peppers, chilli flakes and cheese, and microwave for one minute.

5. Egg and green onion crêpe

An egg-only crêpe filled with your favourite filling, like green onion or cheese, makes an ideal keto snack. This recipe shows you how to prepare one in a few minutes.

6. Singapore ‘noodles’

Shirataki no-carb noodles are made from the root of the konjac plant, which is high in fibre and low in carbs and calories. Shirataki noodles, which come in many noodle and rice shapes, are the ideal keto replacement in your favourite rice or egg noodles snack. This keto recipe for Singapore noodles is made in just 10 minutes.

7. Chicken laksa

This rich chicken laksa recipe takes a few minutes to prepare using shirataki noodles. You can replace the chicken with any keto-friendly meat or fish.

8. Meat slice and cheese roll-ups

This is the fastest keto snack in the world – take a turkey, ham or chicken slice, place a slice of cheese on it, roll it up and eat. Pack for work and snack throughout the day. The meat protein will sustain you while the cheese fats will keep you in ketosis.

9. Stuffed avocado

The avocado is arguably king of keto. It’s easy to make a two-minute snack by halving an avo and filling it with your favourite keto fillings. Try this taco-stuffed avo recipe.

10. Guacamole with cheese chips

Cheesey snacks are some of the most satisfying keto snacks, which is why we make our own BenBanter Keto Cheese Puffs that contain nothing but Gouda cheese. This recipe shows you how to make your own bacon guacamole and cheese chips. Have the guacamole ready in the fridge and eat with the cheese chips, which are made in seconds.

11. Lettuce wraps

It takes minutes to create a lettuce wrap – a really nutritious keto snack. The secret is to have the ingredients in the fridge cooked and ready to go. Then, all you do is fill a lettuce leaf cup with your favourite keto ingredients. Here’s how to make a lettuce wrap and some filling inspirations.

12. Keto chicken wings

These chicken wings may take 35 minutes to bake in the oven but they take just seconds to prepare. Once cooked, keep in the fridge and eat any time for the perfect keto snack.

13. Keto hummus

You need to steam cauliflower for this hummus recipe, which takes about 10 minutes, but then you simply blitz all the ingredients in a blender. If you have cooked cauliflower in the fridge, the hummus takes seconds to make. Serve with keto crudités and BenBanter Keto Seed Crackers.

14. Roasted seaweed crisps

Sometimes you need a crunchy, salty hit. This seaweed snack uses three ingredients and takes four minutes to make. Sprinkle with your favourite keto seasoning.

15. Crunchy kale chips

Kale is one of the most nutritious foods on earth, so this keto snack really packs a punch. Be careful not to bake for too long or they’ll burn.

16. Coconut shrimp mug meal

This microwave mug meal is a great combination of shrimps (prawns) and coconut. It takes just four minutes to make. Take note: there’s an error in the recipe, which says to microwave it for 90-100 “minutes”. They mean… seconds.

17. Ginger and garlic bok choy stir fry

This fragrant bok choy dish takes a few minutes to cook up and is an ideal mid-morning or afternoon snack to get you through to lunch or dinner.

18. Cheesey pork rind nachos

Pork rinds can be used for many quick snacks – including nachos. It takes just a few minutes to top your favourite pork rinds (we like Keetos) with toppings (think grated cheese, tomato, sour cream, coriander, hot sauce) to create a keto nachos snack that delivers on crunch and taste.

19. Spicy prawn mayo handrolls

These delicious prawn handrolls from nomnomprincess are very quick to throw together.

20. Easy spinach dip

Thank you to nomnomprincess who recommends this delicious spinach dip is served with our seed crackers.

21. Keto bubble tea

It would be hard to find anything less keto-friendly than bubble tea. The bubbles are made from tapioca, which is pure carbohydrate. But this keto-friendly bubble tea replaces the tapioca with carb-free konjac rice that works brilliantly. Refreshing and delicious.

22. Cocoa-nut smoothie

A chocolatey, nutty smoothie hits the sweet spot every time. Just throw these ingredients in a blender and blitz: 2 tablespoons of nut butter (no added nasties), 1 tablespoon of BenBanter Keto Hot Chocolate, 60 ml of thick cream, 1 cup of ice and 240 ml of unsweetened almond milk. For more keto smoothie recipes, visit healthline.

23. Strawberries and cream smoothie

This smoothie tastes like a strawberry milkshake and is ideal if you’re craving fruit and want a sweet indulgence. Try with raspberries or blueberries.

24. Chia seed pudding

Chia seed puddings make seconds to create, but must be left in the fridge overnight for the chia to absorb, expand and become gelatinous. These puddings keep you full, satisfy your sweet tooth and can be made well in advance so you can just grab one from the fridge for breakfast or an any-time keto snack.

25. Great any-time granola

Granola may be eaten mainly for breakfast but our keto and low-carb granolas make the perfect instant afternoon snack served with almond milk or a small portion of Greek yoghurt and a few fresh berries. They’re made mainly from healthy seeds and nuts. They’re also great toppings for yoghurt, chia seed pudding or keto ice-cream.

Always pack a BenBanter keto bar

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Keep a BenBanter bar in your workbag, gym bag, school bag, car and desk drawer. That way, you’ll always have fast access to a healthy snack.

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