10 Ways You Might Like Our BenBanter Keto Crackers

10 Ways You Might Like Our BenBanter Keto Crackers
June 19, 2020 bb_admin

Keto crackers are a convenient and healthy snack for anyone following a strict low-carb diet.

keto seed crackers

Our popular keto crackers come in a range of flavours that are delicious when eaten plain or with some extra toppings.

Our range of keto crackers

Our keto crackers are free from grains, sugar, dairy and all artificial ingredients. Instead, our wholesome crackers are made from high-quality seeds and only natural flavourings. This makes our crackers 100% keto and also vegan-friendly.

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Our keto crackers are available in six different flavours:

  • lightly salted
  • garlic and herb
  • cayenne pepper
  • rosemary
  • sundried tomato
  • turmeric.

You can also buy our crackers as part of a convenient mini snack pack or starter pack that include other tasty keto-friendly snacks. All products are available at our online store.

10 ways to eat our keto crackers

Here are our top 10 interesting and delicious ways to enjoy our range of keto crackers.

keto crackers with toppings

1. For breakfast

Keto crackers make a great alternative to toast in the morning. Try our crackers topped with scrambled or boiled eggs.

You can also have them with a plate of eggs and bacon. We recommend our cayenne pepper crackers. They go great with eggs.

2. In a salad

Skip the croutons when you make your next salad. Our seed crackers can be crumbled up into any salad to give it tasty crunch.

Experiment with the flavours in different types of salad. We really enjoy our garlic and herb crackers with a Greek salad.

3. Sushi crackers

We know crackers don’t roll quite as well as rice, but a deconstructed sushi cracker is just as delicious and filling.

Experiment with seared tuna, salmon sashimi or shrimp with just a touch of soy or wasabi. We’d go with the lightly salted crackers here.

4. Avocado ‘toast’

Avocado toast is a popular breakfast or lunch choice and we know why.

Swap out the toast for a keto cracker and you can still enjoy smashed avocado with a poached egg or a squeeze of lemon. Try it with our lightly salted or rosemary crackers.

5. As a casserole topping

If you crave your favourite casserole with a crunchy cracker topping, there’s no need to break your keto diet – use one of our seeded crackers instead. We recommend the lightly salted or garlic and herb crackers as a substitute.

6. Ploughman’s platter

You may have to forego the jams and preserves but you can still create a delicious keto ploughman’s platter using our seeded crackers, your favourite full-fat cheeses, keto-friendly cured meats and selected fruits. Any flavour of cracker would work here.

7. Crumbled into soup

Crumbling crackers into soup is a popular way of adding texture and flavour. With our crackers your soup can still be keto-friendly.

Our rosemary crackers go well with a wholesome keto chicken soup.

8. Pulled pork

Pulled pork is a popular filling for tacos. For a keto alternative, top our cayenne pepper crackers with pulled pork and a few strawberry slices.

A dash of freshly ground black pepper and a tiny splash of balsamic vinegar complete this delicious combo.

9. With a keto dip

Seed crackers make the perfect keto alternative to potato or corn chips.

Next time you need snacks for movie night or watching the game, whip up your favourite keto-friendly dip and have it with any of our keto cracker flavours.

10. Go nuts

For a super quick and high protein keto snack, top our lightly salted seed crackers with your favourite sugar-free nut butter.

We know it’s old-fashioned, but we love a traditional peanut butter cracker, especially with some real unsalted butter.

We offer a range of low-carb food products and keto snacks. Visit our online shop to order your BenBanter keto crackers, desserts, drinks and other keto snacks in Singapore.