BenBanter is a food brand dedicated to Low Carb / Keto. We source and select quality products from around the world that meet our exacting standards. When you see our distinctive packaging with the BenBanter logo, you can trust what’s inside.

Ben Banter products all meet the True Low Carb standards so you know it’s healthy. True Low Carb is a technical standard for packaged food and meals which gives you the assurance of strict carbohydrate adherence and the absence of unhealthy ingredients like vegetable oils and unnecessary sugar.


BenBanter is owned by Spinnach Holdings, a health and wellness company headquartered in Singapore. Our tagline is “eat better, get better” because we believe, the biggest improvement to health – by far – comes from eating better. The scientific evidence points squarely in favour of restricting carbohydrates. We are a Low Carb company!
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Our products are available in Singapore through our retail and online partners. Our plan is to expand in Asia first and then other parts of the world. Check out our store locator to find BenBanter products near you or find one of our online partners.