About BenBanter

BenBanter is a low carb food brand selling keto-compliant snacks that taste great and are easy to prepare. We manufacture and source products that meet the highest standards. We visit factories, pay attention to ingredients and get to know producers so we understand where your food comes from.

The “True Low Carb” stamp of compliance on every product gives you the assurance of strict carbohydrate adherence and the absence of unhealthy ingredients like vegetable oils and unnecessary sugar. Our products use real food ingredients and natural preservatives and flavourings. When you see the BenBanter logo, you can trust what’s inside.

BenBanter snacks are perfect for on-the-go, in the office or at home. We make Low Carb Living easy so you can be healthier. We believe low carb eating is the future of health. Restricting carbohydrates, especially sugar, can help solve the world’s epidemic of obesity and chronic disease.

About the founder and team

We’re a small team of passionate low carb / keto advocates.

Mark Myerson, our founder has transformed his own health by following a carbohydrate restricted diet, gradually losing all his excess weight and returning to optimum health. From being a successful entrepreneur in the insurance industry, Mark is now devoted full-time to acquiring knowledge and helping people improve their health. It is his passion to stay abreast of the latest science by attending conferences, reading books, journals and studies, and networking with some of the best doctors and scientists in the world. Our team knows what’s going on in the keto world and we take pride in being able to explain things simply.

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The story behind BenBanter

BenBanter is named in honour of William Banting, an English undertaker who lived in the 1800s. Banting was the first person to document his low carb weight-loss journey in a booklet published in 1863, called Letter on Corpulence.

After suffering with obesity his whole life, and after decades of poor advice and numerous attempts at losing weight, Banting eventually found a doctor who told him to cut “saccharine and starchy food” – essentially a carbohydrate restricted diet.

Letter on Corpulence was Banting’s way of sharing his “miracle” regime with the public. Much of the booklet is consumed with answering his critics, explaining his motives as benevolent, and accounting for the money earned from the booklet, which covered costs and the rest was given to charitable causes.

During Banting’s lifetime, we didn’t know about ketones, and much of the biochemistry behind low carb wasn’t known either. Insulin was only discovered in 1924. Today we understand far better why low carb diets work. But Banting was remarkably prescient in linking the type of food (not the calories) to obesity and disease, and observing that many ailments, such as rheumatism and gout, are helped by restricting carbohydrates.

If William Banting had designed our dietary guidelines, the food pyramid would be upside down and we’d all be healthy. So here’s to Banting and a remarkable story from history.